Fall is here!

The seasons are finally changing. It feels so much like that “you bet not go outside without a damn jacket on weather.” Being born in the winter I guess I was destined to hate summer. All summer all you hear from me is “it’s too hot for this” or “too hot for that.” During summer sometimes, I feel it’s damn near too hot to even talk. But the fall is always a breath of fresh air. It’s the jacket in the morning, take it off by afternoon type weather. I love it. I also love Halloween and pumpkin patches and yes – I love pumpkin spice lattes (don’t judge me.) So while we adults can appreciate all the things there are about Fall – so can the kids. A lot of venues also cater their offerings to the changing seasons. So I have compiled a list of some the fun Fall stuff (in no particular order)I want to check out with my kids—should my schedule permit it.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis I actually I have not been there since my oldest was a young toddler — some three years ago. I don’t think at that age she could really appreciate how fun it was. And of course they have some new attractions to offer. One that’s not really fall related but definitely caught my eye is Doc Mcstuffins: The Exhibit. (logo courtesy: Children's Museum of Indianapolis)
The interactive exhibit takes kids to Doc’s backyard clinic and the McStuffins Toy Hospital. I know my daughter who is a big Doc fan – would love it. And it’s especially nice to see a little bit of black girl magic sprinkled in at the children’s museum. They also are offering some fall related fun including a haunted castle. Admission to that is an extra eight bucks. The Doc McStuffins exhibit is included with admission. Cost: Kids; $18.50, Adults; $22.50 Hours: Tues-Sun; 10am-5pm

EnterTRAINment Junction A little closer to home – right up 75 north in West Chester, Ohio is something that will probably intrigue your little boy at home. They bill themselves as having the world’s largest indoor train display. And to bring in fall – they’re changing it up to “Jack-O-Lantern Junction.” Each kid gets a pumpkin from the mini indoor pumpkin patch. Cost: $14.95, do it all special pass , this is your best bet. It allows you to do everything as opposed to paying $12 here and $10 there. Hours: Mon-Sat; 10am-6pm, Sun 12-6pm

Creation Museum  Ark Encounter
I know there has been soooo much controversy about the opening of this museum but I still find it all super interesting. And to be honest I want to go and see if they use any brown people in their depictions (based on the website, the answer is no) because let’s be honest now – the first people on this earth had to be people with a brown skin tone. I would imagine that the Ark is still very busy – some 300,000 visitors have already walked through.

Grand Opening of the Ark Encounter
Grand Opening of the Ark Encounter (photo courtesy: alarryross.com)

They are also behind the Creation Museum which has been around since 2007. It’s about 30 miles southwest of Cincinnati in Petersburg, Kentucky. Now the Ark is a little further. It’s a straight shot down 75 – to Williamstown, Kentucky. It’s about an hour-long drive. While they don’t have many fall specific activities, I still have them on the list since it’s still a place I want to check out. And with the cooler temperatures out – I’m sure you and the kids won’t mind being indoors for a couple hours. But a word to the wise – this place ain’t cheap.

Had Noah been charging these kinds of prices to get on the ship – I know a lot of folks would’ve drowned –not just the so-called sinners.

Good thing I have small kids who can pass for under 5 and get in FREE. (The Lord knows my heart, y’all and my wallet)Ark Cost: Kids (5-12) $28, Adults $40, Under 5 FREE.Creation Museum Cost: Kids (5-12) $16, Adults $30, Under 5 FREE. There is a combo pass that gives you admission to both attractions but once you start getting into the “new shoes for Mommy” price range, I gotta sit back and take a rain check. Plus the attractions are 45 minutes apart. So unless you can get a combo ticket and use on another day, I just know that wouldn’t be an option I’d go with considering the price is well into the $60+ range. Ark Encounter Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 12-8p (through October) Creation Museum Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 12-6pm(through October)

Pumpkin Patches So what would be fall without a visit to a pumpkin patch? The good thing about living in Cincinnati, there are plenty of surrounding rural areas. Lots of local farms offer hayrides and corn mazes and of course a pumpkin to take home. What would really be cool is if there were some black-owned farms nearby we could visit… that would totally be worth the drive for me. I have yet to find one. Since there are so many surrounding farms, I can’t really name just one. They all have different hours and admission prices.


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