Is this the future of shopping? I say No

We live in a fast paced world where parents are working more and more. There’s barely no such thing as a 9 to 5 anymore. There’s usually a variation to it all.

But one thing that stays constant is a hungry ass family! Every time I look up somebody is hungry, somebody is thirsty and somebody wants a snack. Because I try to stay away from a lot of processed foods (surprise I’m back to eating meat though) I feel as if I grocery shop a lot.

I don’t mind grocery shopping. I usually do it on the day my kids are at school and I can shop in peace. I will never miss the days of heading to the store with baby carrier in tow. Lifting it up on the front. Then putting Kura in the back of the cart. Once I did all that, I was usually tired and left with little to no room to even put my groceries.

Waiting patiently to pick up my groceries.

I’ve been seeing Kroger’s ClickList, so I had to try it out. I mean why not? I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So I picked a particularly rainy morning and got online. That part is fairly simple and straightforward. But I clearly wasn’t the only one thinking of letting someone else shop for me. I placed my order at 8:15 a.m. and the soonest pick up time available wasn’t until 2 p.m. that afternoon. I opted for a later pickup time. 6 p.m.


Here are some good things about it:

  • Since you’re already logged in under your Kroger account, you don’t have to worry about putting in your Kroger plus card
  • It gives you the option to include ‘special instructions’ for your items; you can also select if you’re OK or with getting a substituted item
  • If you’re the brand type, you can type in a brand and find the items that you normally buy

Here are some things that were a bit confusing:

  • It wasn’t clear if you can use coupons for your ClickList purchases; turns out after checking the FAQ you can use them but they encourage digital coupons since paper is such an archaic item
  • It wasn’t clear if you can pay online, instead of paying once you pick up

To be honest, it’s efficient but not as efficient as I thought. In my mind, I imagined some sort of Daytona 500 pit stop experience. I pull in, give my name. My groceries are brought out — and loaded up. Done. Pull off with smoke behind me.

Wrong. Maybe it was the slot time I chose. There were only four stalls for grocery picker uppers. They were all full. When I buzzed the call button, I was told to pull in behind another driver and wait. So I did.

I waited a total of about 10 minutes. Which honestly isn’t that bad for $70 worth of groceries.

The workers cart your things out in big crates. The eggs and bread were on top. Everything was bagged and ready to go. The more expert grocery picker uppers were casually sitting in their cars, waiting as their groceries were loaded. Me being the dweeb I am, I felt awkward sitting there barking orders. So I got out and somewhat helped. 1) I felt weird just sitting there doing nothing 2) my trunk is somewhat junky and I didn’t know if I need to rearrange the spare tire, gym bag, skates and basketball taking up all the room.

I paid with a card. Signed my name with my finger on an iPad and I was off.

I never checked any of my bags. I mean if you got time to check $70 worth of grocery bags then you got time to go inside the store and just shop. I didn’t. (Well that’s what I’m telling myself to justify my use of such a type service)

The real test was once I got home. Did I have everything? Did I get the shitty produce? What about the turkey lunch meat? Did they follow the instructions I had?

For the most part everything was fine, as if I had did the shopping all by myself. The green peppers were fine. My broccoli fine. My favorite honeycrisp apples that cost a pretty penny and I would go in over if they were crappy — were nice and firm with no nicks. All my cold items were wait for it. Still COLD.

I seriously cannot find anything to complain about with it being my first time using the service. It’s a $4.95 service which if you think about it; it’s not bad at all. People pay personal shoppers much more. I spent all of 10 minutes out my day getting groceries versus an hour and a half — which doesn’t include the drive time and loading the car up.

But with so many front door deliver services and even this — do I think this is the new way to shop? Sure if you have multiple children and going into a grocery store with all of them is like corralling cattle. But for most women, myself included, I think some shopping can be therapeutic and even fun. I sometimes enjoy getting that quiet time to myself shopping. I usually play a guessing game in my head to see if I can stay within my budget.

But the fact that every car stall was full and a line was slowly growing goes to show just where we are headed when it comes to grocery shopping. Which is fine. Just not for me.

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