I Haven’t Had a Weekend Off in 2 Years

News is a 24/7 type business.

When you rollover at 3 a.m. after sleep has escaped you and you decide to turn on some 24 hour news network — those people you see are really at work WORKING at 3 a.m. There are others there working, too, overseeing it all. Even at 3 a.m., or any other ungodly hour you can think of. In fact, most newsrooms have someone there at all times. There is no magic button we turn on just five minutes before showtime. Sure we call it TV magic but the “magic” is done by real people.  When you get up and check out the news and weather and traffic before you start your day just know those people have been at work hours before you even see them — preparing their newscast.The same holds true for the weekends. I am the weekend producer so when you just so happen to be at home on a weekend night looking to catch the news that night… it’s me in the driver’s seat from start to finish. The news doesn’t stop on weekends. There are no breaks. We like to call ourselves “weekend warriors.” And it is a constant battle personally, for me. There is a lot you can miss while working weekends. Super Bowl Sunday, we all got together and had a potluck so we could watch the game between working. And yes, if a holiday falls on a weekend I still have to work. In fact, my daughter’s first Christmas fell on a Sunday and I was scheduled to work. I remember waking her up a little early just so I could be home to watch her open her gifts. She was just a few weeks shy of her first birthday and was finally starting to sleep in. Some stations are more sympathetic to your other duty (the most important duty for me) as a mom, some are not. I can say I’m at one that does care. But the bottom line must always be met. We have a product to give and I am the one to give it. Despite the fact that I’ve now been working weekends six years. Despite the fact I have two kids who are getting older and now asking why am I ‘always gone on Saturday and Sunday.’ This past weekend I finally took vacation time to be off. I haven’t had a full weekend off in two years. Yes. Back in 2015. And that was only because my husband had just broken his ankle three days before and I was home to be his caretaker. Most times I will request a Sunday off or just a Saturday off usually because I have plans — whether it be one of the kids’ birthday parties or going out of town with the family. All are which in my book still constitute work. But this FULL weekend of doing pretty much NOTHING was very much needed and very much appreciated. It’s always the little things that count. I got to take my kids to their cousin’s birthday party and not have to worry about the kindness of others to pick them up. Or have to Facetime them to make sure Daddy dressed them to my liking. Or to make sure they don’t forget the gift bag at the door. I got to do normal things like Saturday morning cleaning and not have to worry about taking a quick power nap before punching the clock. I got to lounge Sunday afternoon with some hot chocolate, snuggled under covers while binge watching Netlfix shows with my husband. I also got to have an actual Sunday night dinner with my family. One that I didm’t have to cook Sunday morning and then pack it up to take in to work. I was home for my kids’ Sunday night routine making sure clothes were ironed and sat out during normal hours instead of Midnight when I hit the door from work. I got to get them ready for bed and actually say ‘Goodnight’ with a hug and kiss instead of a phone conversation. And when it was all said and done I got to sip a glass of wine and watch some trashy reality TV. Even as I write this list out it makes me even more appreciative of what I get to do the other days out of the week. And I am by no means complaining just reflecting. At the end of the day I feel blessed to work in the field that I always said I would be in. As I have said before I do work at a place thats cognitive of my family dynamics. But sometimes having a weekend with our feet up doing nothing is what EVERY mother deserves here and now. 

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