Kicking a Habit

Old habits die hard. And I am proof of that. As parents we pass those bad habits along to our children unfortunately. In my case — my biggest challenges are my addiction to sugar (see cavities post where I damn near burst in tears). My other challenge: biting my nails. Yup. I honestly don’t remember when I started. But I know I’ve been doing it since I could remember. More proof why I believe habits are DNA driven…my brother also bites his nails… though I’ve heard he stopped. I have stopped too. Plenty of times. I remember I was about 13 years old when my momma and cousin bet me $100 I couldn’t stop for an entire year. That was a lot of money to me back then. (I take that back it’s still a lot money to me) Well I stopped…I stopped for an entire 12 months…and never got my cash. So if you two are reading this – run me my money! Once I didn’t get paid I went back to biting them. There was no real reward in not doing it. Over the years I would have times when I would stop in hopes of growing out my nails. I have tried getting my nails done. But I honestly hate acrylic nails. I hate having to sit in nail shops. As someone that wears contacts I can’t get super long nails, which is what I think looks the best. (Maybe someone has a tutorial out there on how to get contacts out without piercing your eyeball on a stiletto nail?) A few months ago I noticed my kids picked up my habit. I’m not sure if it was from seeing me or if it was all DNA driven. But they now have this really bad habit. I’ve repeatedly told them to stop. I am clearly one of those “do as I say, not as I do” – type parents.

Well that habit recently sent my daughter to the hospital. She had been complaining of pain in her index finger. I figured it was just her being the drama queen she is. Now that she goes to a school that has a school nurse, she’s already visited five times this year.  Several times for scrapes and scratches, once for an upset stomach and once for a mosquito bite. Yes. A freakin’ mosquito bite. This particular week she made a trip to the nurse and came home with ice on her finger. The next day her finger was a little red and swollen. But I honestly thought nothing of it. The next morning her finger was huge – and tip was turning white. It was time to make a trip to Children’s Hospital. Come to find out – the doctors believe she had bitten her nail down into the nail bed and it became infected. They had to cut her finger and drain out the infection.  The cut wasn’t really big. But my husband (who had the pleasure of taking her while I was at work) said she lost it when it was time to press the infection out. I’m hoping that ER experience may deter her from biting her nails again. I haven’t seen her doing it lately –or should I say yet?

And now I have stopped biting my nails. Again. In hopes that maybe me stopping will help them, too. So I’m about 7 days in. Wish us luck.

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