Rough & Stuff with her Afro Puffs

Weave is not for children That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Maybe it’s because I had an old school mama… It was certain shit she was not the one for… Growing up –my mother was quite honestly the age of some of my schoolmates’ grandparents.. or at least…


Being a parent is hard work. I have so much respect for stay at home moms…because for working moms — we get somewhat of a break. (Well not really, but you get it.) Now that school is in full swing, I have vowed to be an even harder working mommy….

Time Out

I told myself i would be productive. As with most working mommas days off from work are really “on days” at home. But with a big milestone like a kid’s first day I took a vacation day from work so I could actually be there for my baby’s first day….

I am the mother of a kindergartner

Eeek. That title alone has me about to break down in tears. I cannot believe it. My baby girl is about to start real school. Kindergarten. As I looked at my baby getting dressed for her first day. I couldn’t help but to try and fight the urge of a tear. This is…