Some People Give up Meat for Lent, We Did it Longer

Longer as in about two years.

So why did I do it?
For one to see if I could really do it. And lastly health reasons.
About 89 percent of me believes that humans aren’t meant to consume meat. If that was the case, why can’t we eat it in raw form without the potential of getting sick? We can freely walk through a garden of fruits and veggies and eat as freely as we’d like with no stove/heat involved.

There is a common misconception that we need meat to live or we’d waste away. Well I proved that to be completely false. Have you seen my 160 pound frame? I thought eating meat would be a quick weight loss opportunity for me. Wrong.
I for the most part stayed the same size and no I didn’t pack on potatoes like a lot of people who go vegetarian do.

I ate a lot of beans and fruits. I did use veggie crumbs a lot — making sure to avoid all soy products, including tofu.

The veggie hotdogs were OK. Veggie breakfast sausge and bacon were a big NO for me. There is one veggie type sausage that I found that actually tastes really good.

I never gave up cheese or eggs because they’re just too tasty to do so. But the one thing I missed most of all during this meat fast was the convenience of cooking. It’s super easy to boil some hot dogs for lunch or fry some chicken wings.

But I also noticed we ate out a lot LESS than normal. No one wants to go to a restaurant and spend 50 bucks on soups and/or salads.

Now for the record, I did continue to eat fish but since I’m like the only person in the entire house who actually likes fish I didn’t make it as much. Also please note I never stopped my children from consuming meat. I talked to their pediatrician beforehand (she is actually a pescatarian) and she didn’t see anything  wrong with a vegetarian/pescatarian diet for children.

To be honest, having a son who cannot drink dairy milk at school is enough of a hassle so having young children who cannot eat certain things seem like an even greater hassle – one that I was not willing to take on.

There is a terrible misconception that eating healthy is quote “expensive.” Going meatless proves that to be completely false. Have you bought a bunch of bananas? Greens? Hell any type of fruit or vegetable?

The act of processing and slaughtering animals is much more costly than growing some plants. My grocery trips have been much more frequent since obviously fruits and veggies have a shorter shelf life.

But my grocery bill has been less. At the end of the day, I have a LOT of respect for anyone who is vegan/vegetarian. It takes a LOT of discipline to do so.

Food is such a social concept that I honestly did miss it. Think about it – the most chicken wings are consumed by Americans during the one of the biggest sporting events – the super bowl.

Think about the Sunday dinners at family members houses. Think about the holidays and the food you can’t wait to eat. The stories you share about food and share over food.

So for me going meatless was never going to be a permanent lifestyle but definitely an experience worth trying and sharing with others.


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